June 2, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Zoom @ 5am

For Time:
50 Wall Ball (20/14)
100 Alternating DB Snatch (50/35)
200 Double Under
400 meter Run
200 Double Under
100 meter Single Arm Farmers Carry/side (50/35)
50 Box Step Over w/ Med Ball (24/20)
Goal: Sub 35 min

Going to be a grind and challenge but looks like a fun one! This has much of our unilateral work for the week in it. There will definitely be some strategy here to keep moving, particularly on the front half of the workout. Managing your work/rest is going to be key going into the back half of the workout. See if you can stick with bigger sets of the alternating DB snatch since the loading is on the lighter side but small enough that your rest between sets isn’t eating up too much time. The single arm farmers carry will give you a chance to bring the heart rate down a bit so you can dig in on the box step over with the medball. This one is all about consistency. Work hard and trust that fitness!

Post Work:
2min Couch Stretch
10ea Alt. Thoracic Rotation
:30sec ea. Thread the Needle