November 23, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Thanksgiving Holiday Hours:
Thursday 11/26: CLOSED
Friday 11/27: 8am-10am Open Gym, 10am Group WOD

AMRAP 20 mins of:
200m Sandbag Run, pick load
7 Sandbag Over Shoulders, pick load
7 Sandbag Squats, pick load
7 Burpees Over Sandbag
50’L/50’R Single Arm KB Overhead Carry, pick load

Goal= Get it done

Starting off our week strong with a grunt style workout! The idea behind this workout is to get you uncomfortable in a way that you typically do not feel uncomfortable. This is done by carrying odd objects on your chest, shoulders, or overhead. Dumbbells are also a great way to change things up and make a movement even more uncomfortable. Weight on the sandbag or DB’s should be moderate and allow for a steady pace throughout the 20min. Because the rep scheme is smaller we are looking for unbroken sets with each movement. The goal for this workout is to just get it done.

Upper Body Stretch & Strengthen
Eccentric Dumbbell Fly
2 x 6 w/ :06 sec lowering
Tempo Dumbbell Row
3 x 6 w/ :03sec up & :03sec down

Finishing off our day with a bit of upper body stretch and strengthen. The eccentric work is all about creating length and the weight should be kept light here. The tempo dumbbell row is all about strengthening. Keep this on the tempo of :03sec up and down and adjust the weight as needed in order to make this happen. Athletes can go heavy on the tempo work so long that they are able to maintain the tempo.

Post Work
1 minute Forward Fold
2 minute/ea. Pigeon Stretch