October 3, 2022

Posted By: Christi

In 12 mins, for max reps of:
100/80 Row Calories
max reps in remaining time Burpee Over Rowers

AMRAP on deck today that could get a little spicy. You will start this workout by accumulating calories on the rower. Ideally, this will take no longer than 8-minutes to complete. We want you working at a hard but also sustainable pace that allows you to come right off the rower and get to work on the burpees over the rower. The burpee should be a lateral burpee over the rower. A great goal for this workout is getting up to 40-60 burpees, however, we want you to focus on the row and get what you can for the burpee.

Midline Work
4 rounds for quality of:
10 Hollow-to-Tucks
10 Alternating V-ups
Hollow Hold, 20 secs

Post Work
Child’s Pose 1-2min
Kneeling Shoulder Taps 10ea w/:03 hold each side
Pigeon Stretch 1-2min
Forward Fold 1min