April 1, 2022

Posted By: Christi

As many reps as possible in 15 mins of:
From 0:00-5:00:
Bar Facing Burpee
From 5:00-9:00:
1 RM Squat Clean
From 9:00-12:00:
Assault Bike Calorie
From 12:00-14:00:
Bar Muscle-up
From 14:00-15:00:
Deadlift (using 1RM Squat Clean)

Goal: Just get it done

A fun and challenging workout today with a mix of high rep gymnastics work, heavy weight lifting, and some endurance on the bike. I would suggest having a smart approach to this work out and trying to maintain a strong and consistent pace throughout. Don’t stress too much on the one rep max squat clean and compare this to your standard lift. Remember, you are under fatigue at this point. Mechanics should still be the priority. Keep that bar loaded as you will need it for the deadlift!

Accessory Work
Ladder Work:

Double Unders
Goal: Unbroken

Continuing with our double under ladder and this week we will be increasing the reps. The goal is to have you going unbroken for each set or to at least get each set done within 2-3 sets. Modify to doing a single under as needed. If you need to make this more challenging, minimize the rest between sets. Rest as needed between each set although we would recommend to stay moving at a steady pace and rest no more than one minute between any set.

Post Work 2xs:
8 Cat Cow
8ea Lying Thoracic Rotation w/ a:01sec pause