April 10, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Zoom Classes at 5:30am and Noon Today!
EMOM 6 min
Min 1: 3 Back Squat (80-85%)
Min 2: 3 Bench Press (80-85%)
Notes: Go Immediately into the next 6 min EMOM.
EMOM 6 min
Min 1: 5 Back Squat (75-80%)
Min 2: 5 Bench Press (75-80%)
Getting in some more barbell work today!! Take note of the percentages and try to stick with them. Also don’t feel tied to them. The reps should feel tough but reasonable to start and as you go through the workout should get quite a bit more challenging. Adjust weights if needed, down or even up if you’re feeling good!
Optional Accessory
3 Rounds for Quality
5 Double KB Russian Swing
:20 sec Double KB Front Rack Hold
5 Double KB Shoulder to OH
:20 sec Double KB Overhead Hold
Notes: Rest as Needed Between Sets. Athlete Chooses the weight.
Mix of dynamic and static work. Work to do the entire complex without putting the weight down. This will get more challenging as you go. Adjust weight accordingly to make this tough! Rest as needed between rounds but keep it no more than 2 min if possible.