August 23, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Back Squat

Week 3 of our 3-week progressive overload! This will be our last week doing the back squat 1RM before we switch up the back squat variation. If you have it in the tank we want you to work up in weight. This could be anything from 5-15 Ibs so long you are moving well and feeling good. We will take the same approach as last week and take 20min to build to a heavy single. You should be resting 2-3minutes between sets. Again, the goal remains to hit a heavy single and have NO failed sets. We want to keep all work sets productive.

Accessory Work
(a) Barbell Hip Thrust 1 x 20 Reps
(b) Partner Hamstring Curls 2x Max Rep
(c) Dumbbell Box Step-up, pick load: 3 x 45 secs / 1 min

Week 3 of the same accessory lifts before we switch things up! We want you to again build in weight or add reps depending on the movement. The hip thrust should be done in an unbroken set of 20 and ideally, you are adding more weight to this lift. We’d like to see you adding more reps to the partner hamstring curl or the variation you are doing. For the dumbbell box step up, ideally you’re either increasing reps or load.