August 24, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Hang Squat Clean

Heavy day with some Hang Squat Cleans! Been a bit since we have done this so working from the hang will be a good variation and lay off the low back a bit. Continue to work on fast elbows and quality foot position while receiving the bar. This should be the guide on the loading you choose to use for your work sets. Keep it heavy and create GOOD habits!

Accumulate 5 min in a KB Farmers Carry Hold (70’s/53’s)
Notes: Each time you put the weight down complete 10 calories on the bike. If you put the weight down more than 5 times stop and call it good for the day.

Post Work
Z Stretch 2-3min
Lying Thoracic Rotation w/ a :02sec pause each way 1x: 10ea