August 4, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Back Rack Lunge
4 x 10 (5/leg)

Strict Press
4 x 8
Notes: Superset Exercises if you like.

Heavy day!! Back rack lunge should come from a rack today. Be smart with the loading since there isn’t much of a bail out here in the event of a failed rep. The loading should be heavy but allowed for controlled movement. Treat it like any other heavy day with adjusting the weight as needed and making the loading challenging but a goal of no failed reps or sets. Same goes for the strict press today although you may find some less fluctuation in the weight. Work to keep that belly tight and not overextend as you get into the heavier loading.

Optional Accessory
Banded Lateral Walk: 3 x 25’/side
Plank Shoulder Taps: 3 x 10/side
Wall Sit: 3 x 1 min

Mix of midline, hip/knee, and shoulder health here. If you want to work through these exercises and treat them as 3 rounds with a rest between each that works as well as going through them one at a time. Goal is quality movement and challenging sets.

Post Work
Child’s Pose Stretch:
Thread the Needle