February 12, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Every 1 min for 32 mins, alternating between:
Bike, 1 min
2 Front Squats, pick load
Bike, 1 min
5 L/5 R 1/4 Turkish Get-ups, pick load

Front Squats- start at roughly 60% 1RM

Fun way to mix things up today! The bike or row should be done at a moderate pace and should feel more like recovery. There is no specific calorie or distance goal but rather hold a steady pace throughout each minute. For the front squat, we want to see you working up in weight with each round. The weight will come out of a rack and having you working towards some heavier loading while keeping the overall volume relatively low. There should be no failed reps but a few sets that feel challenging. The Turkish Sit-Ups are slow so getting 5/side will require lighter weight in order to complete the work within the minute which is the goal.

Post Work

Couch Stretch 2 min/side