February 4, 2022

Posted By: Christi

Reverse 3 Position Clean & Jerk

This is a reverse 3 position clean and jerk which means you will be taking the first rep from the floor, the hang position, and then from the high hang. Once you have completed one rep in each position you will take the weight overhead by doing a split jerk or push jerk. The clean can be either a power clean or squat clean. Notice that we have you working with a specific percentage to not to exceed 60% of your 1RM. Focus for this weightlifting session should be on quality movement and reps.

Bike Test
Interval – Bike Calories
4 x 4 mins / 1 min
4 mins of work followed by 1 min of rest for 4 intervals.

The bike test is a great way to start to push the pace and intensity again without adding loading or dynamic movements. We have done this bike test in the past and it’s a great workout to revisit and test our current state of conditioning. You should be pushing the pace here while maintaining consistency across all 4 rounds.