January 31, 20222

Posted By: Christi

Wendler Back Squat – Week 6
Back Squat 1×5 at 75% 1RM
Back Squat 1×3 at 85% 1RM
Back Squat 1×1+ at 95% 1RM

*Take 1 set every 3 minutes

Week #6 of our 5/3/1 progression! The listed percentage is based on 90% of the your 1RM + 10-pound increase. For the final set, go for broke and accumulate as many reps as you can so long that you are moving well and feeling good.

Post Work
For quality:
Sled Drag, pick load, 5 mins
Farmer Carry, 53/35 lbs, 4 mins
Plank Hold, 3 mins

Accessory work today is intended to get you moving in a way that increases your heart rate and creates blood flow without beating you up. Sled should be done at a moderate weight that allows for steady movement. Otherwise, you can modify to doing a monostructural movement (bike/row/jog) or a dumbbell low box step up. The farmer’s carry should be done with a light to moderate load that allows you to stay moving consistently with small breaks. The plank can be done on the forearms or in a straight arm plank position where you will accumulate 3-minutes in as few sets as possible.