July 1, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Last Person Standing (CFC Style):
Power Snatch 95/65
First 4 min: 800m Run
Min 5 starts Last Person Standing at 11 reps

Notes: Part A is “for time”. Once the clock hits 5 min complete 11 snatches on the min. Add one snatch to each min till you cannot complete the reps in the listed time.

Part A: Modify the distance to finish the run in 4 minutes or less. Get after it on Part A and earn that rest so you can make the most of Part B.

Part B: Be smart with position and total volume here. It’s ok to even cap yourself if needed, or that may just naturally happen. Work on minimizing the dip in the catch which will get lower over time. Find a strategy that you think will work well for you. This could be breaking things up more and taking more of the minute, or getting in some big sets to earn more rest. Great opportunity for us to learn what we prefer here as well.

Accessory Work
Icon Shoulder Maintenance or Crossover Symmetry
Banded Plank: 3 x :45 sec

Make the time for this. Added in some fun and challenging midline work as well so feel free to turn this into some superset work as well if you like.