July 11, 2020

Posted By: Christi

8am-10am: Open Gym
10am: Group WOD

AMRAP 12 min
3 Squat Clean (185/135)
6 Bar Facing Burpee
9 Wall Ball (20/14)
Goal: 8+ Rounds

Small rep schemes which means you should be able to keep moving through this at a strong and consistent pace! The clean is on the heavier side but something you should always be able to do a single with, even when fatigued. Keep a strong but reasonable pace on the burpees. This may be the crux of the workout for pacing. Not going too slow but also using it as a way to control your HR for the rest of the workout. Adjust loading as necessary but keep the reps the same to meet the goal rounds in the workout.

Optional Accessory
Take 20 min to work on a sustained effort of the monostrcutral movement of your choice. Run, bike, row, or even jump rope! This is simply taking the time to work on your cardio or monostructural movement that needs the most work. Sometimes just doing one movement at longer duration is exactly what we need. It’s easy to turn things into intervals when we are better at them, or to change things up with a variety of movements. If you need to get better at running, biking, rowing, etc you just need to do it. This is a great opportunity to do that as well as use it as a bit of an active recovery after the 12 min burner with all the squatting.