July 14, 2021

Posted By: Christi

2013 Regionals Individual Event #5


Deadlift, 315/225
Box Jump, 30/24 in

Goal: Sub 8 min

This is a great workout and will be our shorter workout for the week! Heavy deadlifts and high box jumps. No matter how long you have been doing crossfit this combo will always be a challenging one. The weight on the deadlift is intended to be done on the heavier side although we want you to adjust as needed to keep the integrity of your deadlift and quality position. Choose a weight that you can keep all rounds done within 3-4 sets. The box jump is high so be sure you’re focusing on that jump, landing with knees out and heels on the box. Often, a step down, jump up works really well with a higher box to control the heart rate and allow you to come off and get right to work on the heavy deadlifts.

Post Work
3 rounds for quality of:
Bottom Pistol Hold, L 20 secs/R 20 secs
Ring Support Hold, 20 secs
Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold, 20 secs/ea.
Banded Straight Arm Pull Down, 40 secs