July 22, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Reverse 3 Position Snatch
Notes: Use no more than 60% on any set. Reps go floor, hang, then high hang.

The position work is in reverse order so we will be working floor, then high hang, and finally hang. Fun way to change things up but our loading will still be limited by the high hang position. Take note of the percentages listed and don’t exceed them. If things feel “off” you can stay lighter if needed as well. This is all about position with your pulls, consistency with your foot position, and working on pulling under the barbell.

Odd Object Strength/Optional Accessory:
5 Rounds:
:20 sec Farmers Carry Hold
:20 sec Double KB Front Rack Hold
:20 sec Double KB OH Hold
Notes: Choose a weight you can do all 5 rounds with unbroken.

We did this static hold piece a while back and it’s a great way to work midline and shoulder strength. Choose a weight that you can complete each :20 sec hold without breaking. See if you can do all 5 rounds without dropping the weight! 5 min of time under tension is good!!