July 27, 2021

Posted By: Christi

5 rounds for time of:
15/13 Bike Calories
3 Back Squats, 80% of 1RM

Sub 8 min

Simple workout with the opportunity to really get after it today. Goal is a shorter time domain since we have quite a few longer ones finishing up Hero Month. Bike should be a calorie count you can get done in less than a minute and back squat weight is heavy. Shoot for a weight around 80-85% of your max or so. You should always be able to get 3 in a row but it should be challenging without a doubt, especially on those last 2 rounds.

Post Work
2 rounds for quality of:
15 Weighted or Banded Sit-ups
Double Kettlebell Front Rack Carry, 53/35 lbs, 100 ft
15 Weighted or Banded Sit-ups, pick load
Double Kettlebell Overhead Carry, 53/35 lbs, 50 ft