July 7, 2021

Posted By: Christi

6 rounds for time of:
15/13 Bike Calories
15 Weighted Sit-ups

Goal: Sub 12 mins

We have a simple couplet on deck for today! This workout should help with giving your bodies a bit of a break. Bike calories are on the low to moderate side and we want you pushing the pace here. Ideally, complete the calories in :60-:80 seconds or less. This can easily be modified to calories on a rower depending on class sizes. The midline work is going to make it tough to keep huffing and puffing on the bike so dig in deep to see what you’ve got! The goal time for this workout is sub 12 minutes.

Static Holds
3-4 rounds for quality of:
:30 sec Handstand Hold
:30 sec/each Goblet Lunge Hold (44/26 lbs)
:30 se Barbell Row Hold (empty bar)

Static hold work. This week we have some handstand work. If you can do these freestanding, by all means do. Otherwise using a partner or wall for some support and balance is fine. Goblet Lunge should be challenging but still reasonable so adjust loading if needed. Trail knee should be just off the floor with the lead leg set so your knee is stacked over your heel to get the most out of this movement. Barbell row hold is intended to be with an empty bar. If this is tough try using a band and looping it through your feet. Another good option that you can change the tension with depending on where you hold it.

Post Work
1min Cobra Stretch
:30sec Downward Dog
1min per side Spiderman Stretch