June 12, 2021

Posted By: Christi

With a partner, 5 rounds of:
Partner 1:

25/20 Bike Calories
Partner 2:
14 Kettlebell Swings, 53/35 lbs
7 Toes-to-bars

Goal: sub 15 mins

Team workout today! This is a 5 round workout and the athlete on the bike serves as the rabbit. The pace on the bike should be strong and take roughly :90seconds, give or take a few seconds on either side. While athlete 1 is riding the bike athlete 2 will be completing an AMRAP of kettlebell swings and toes to bar. Once athlete 1 is done with the bike they will then switch and each athlete will complete a total of 5 full rounds. We want athletes pushing on the bike but they need to be able to come off and get right to work on the AMRAP. The kettlebell swing should be light and you’re going to want to stay true to a hip hinge and avoid the squating while getting these done. Toes to bar is a great opportunity to practice cycling reps and ideally, these are done in an unbroken set. The score for this workout will be the total amount of time that it takes them to complete the work.

Post Work
3min Forward Fold
1min Cobra Stretch