June 15, 2020

Posted By: Christi

Back Squat

A heavy day with some higher rep work! Seven’s are no joke. The goal is to use the heaviest weight you can for each set. It does not need to be the same weight across all sets. You can build up, or repeat. Though each set should feel hard the goal will be to have no failed reps. Take one set every 3 minutes. We will finish off the day with a bit of accessory work!

Optional “Cookie”
For Time
10 Box Jump (36/30″)
500 meter Row
Goal: Sub 4 min

If you can’t resist a bit of hard breathing a bit of explosive work and a short time domain will do the trick. Step down off the box and avoid rebounding. Use a height that is challenging for you but you are confident hitting. Go for it on that row if you want to push the pace!!

Post Work
Couch Stretch
2 min per side