March 10, 2022

Posted By: Christi

As many reps as possible in 20 mins of:
Row Calorie, 10 mins
Rest 3 mins
Bike Erg Calorie, 10 mins

Complete as:
Row Calories- 40 secs moderate-hard / 20 secs easy
–Rest 3 mins–
Bike Erg Calories- 40 secs moderate-hard / 20 secs easy

Today we have you working back and forth between two different modalities. You will work at a moderate to hard pace for :40seconds and take it very easy for :20seconds. If you’re feeling sore/or tired feel free to work at a moderate pace with the goal of just getting the work done, otherwise, with each interval push to go as hard as you can, getting a bit faster with each one. The easy portion should be just that. This should be minimal to no movement at all, allowing for a bit of rest and recovery although this will go by quickly. Score the total amount of calories you accumulate.

Post Work
Every 4 mins for 12 mins do:
10 L/10 R Split Squats, pick load
10 Barbell Rows, pick load
Wall Sit, 30 secs

Accessory work today involves a variety of different lifts that are to be done in 4-minutes. The split squat can be done however you prefer. Barbell in the front or back rack, dumbbells or kettlebells in the front rack, or farmers’ position or even goblet position. The goal is to use the heaviest weight that you can. All 10 reps should be done in an unbroken set per side. The barbell row should have you using the heaviest weight you can handle while keeping your back flat and working to a full range of motion. The wall sit for :30seconds is a fairly simple exercise. If you need to make this harder add weight. Rest with any remaining time in the 4-minutes.