May 24, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Hang Power Snatch + Hang Snatch

Our heavy day this week involves olympic lifting with the hang power snatch and hang snatch. Key points of performance are speed under the barbell and footwork. We want to see you aggressively punch the bar overhead as you catch and land your feet in the same position that you squat. The hang snatch is intended to have you landing in a full squat but if you struggle to catch weight here, catch it in a power position and ride it down into a squat. Athletes who are newer to olympic lifting will be better off working from the hang position for all reps and increasing the reps by focusing on the movement rather than loading. You will take 1 set every 2 minutes.


2 rounds for time of:
Sled Drag, 200 m
Sandbag/Dball Bear Hug Carry, 100/70 lbs, 100 m
Kettlebell Farmers Carry, 53/35 lbs, 100 m

A little grunt work to finish up the day! Even though this workout is for time the overall goal and stimulus of this workout is to move for quality and to just get the work done. Keeping a steady pace throughout is key so be sure that you are using loading that allows you to do so. Take breaks as needed but they should be quick allowing you to get right back to work. The sled drag should feel like a steady walk and be done right around 3 minutes. The sandbag bearhug carry should also be a steady walk. You can break this up as needed but we would recommend no more than 4 times per round. The farmer’s carry will take the same approach and should be broken into no more than two sets. Plan for this workout to take anywhere from 15-20 minutes.

Post Work
Roll/Smash Upper Back 2 min
Roll/Smash Calves 2 min/ea.