November 10, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Every 2 mins for 20 mins do:
2 Back Squats (60% 1RM)
7 Strict Toes-to-bars
30 Double Unders

This workout gives us the chance to get a bit of loading on our back. Percentage is still light and intended to be that way. The strict toes to bar can be subbed out for a straight leg sit-up if needed and the double under is a great opportunity to work on technique while also keeping the heart rate up a bit. Don’t feel rushed with this being on a two minute, it is intended to help us stay accountable and keep a steady pace throughout.

Optional Accessory
AMRAP 7 mins:
Single Arm Overhead Carry, pick load, R 50 ft
:30 Plank
Single Arm Overhead Carry, pick load, L 50 ft
:30 Alt. Mountain Climbers (slow and controlled)

Post Work
1-2 min/ea. Pigeon Stretch
1-2 min. Alt. High Plank Calf Stretch