October 2, 2020

Posted By: Christi


4 Rounds:
AMRAP 3 Minutes
200m Run
8/10 Calorie Bike
Max Calorie Row in remaining time
REST 3 Minutes

Goal= 20+ Calories per round. Try and stay within 2-3 calories each round

Monostructural intervals today. With a 3 minute rest after each round you should push the pace a bit here to hit the goal of 20+ calories each round. The run and bike should both take less than a minute each to complete, adjust distance/bike cals as needed. Use your rest time wisely to bring that heart rate down and to find your legs so you’re ready for each new round.

Post Workout
:90sec ea. Banded Hamstring Stretch
:90sec ea. Banded Crossover Stretch
:90sec ea. Pigeon Stretch