October 20, 2020

Posted By: Christi

For time
50 Man Makers, 50/35 lbs

Goal: Sub 20 minutes

1 rep = Renegade Row + Push-up + Squat Clean + Shoulder-to-Overhead + L Lunge + R Lunge

Been a while since we’ve done these so why not 50! These are a grind and a movement that you should be working to find a strong but steady pace. You can take the weight directly from the floor into a squat clean and thruster, or break it up into a deadlift, hang squat clean, push press. Your call today but make sure you have those knees bent enough to have your back flat and engaged. A great approach for this is to turn this workout into some kind of EMOM to help hold yourself accountable. After about 3 mins or so take a look at the clock to see what you can hold onto and do your best to keep pace.

Midline – Tabata Mash
4x :20 on/:10 off
Tabata GHD Hold
Tabata L Side Plank
Tabata Hollow Hold
Tabata R Side Plank

Post Workout
:90sec Pigeon Stretch
:90sec True Hip Flexor Stretch