September 27, 2021

Posted By: Christi

Part 1
Pause Back Squat
Find 1RM for the day

Continuing with the Pause Back Squat this week! You will have 20min to build to a heavy single. Ideally, you are able to build in weight from last week. Anything from 5+ pounds would be acceptable and appropriate, but remember you have one more week to build in this lift. Keep all work sets productive. Be sure you are staying true to the :03sec pause at the bottom. Focus on keeping tension at the bottom of the squat and avoiding the urge to “bounce” or “rebound” out of the bottom of your squat.

Part 2
Olympic Squat
1 x 15

Building to a heavy set of 15 reps. Based on your set last week we would like you to add more weight to this lift. If you were close to failure last week you might consider repeating the same weight but if you felt strong and had a couple of reps left in the tank, increase in weight. The set of 15 should feel hard but there should not be failure.

Good Mornings
20-30 Banded Good Morning
10-15 Barbell Good Morning (adjust loading as needed).

Ideally you’re increasing in weight or reps.

Record weight on Pause Squat and Olympic Squat and weight/reps on Good Mornings. Leave some room in the tank for the following week.